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German Stock Exchange: behind the ntv scenes

If you’d like to know what the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt am Main looks like from the inside, where exactly Katja Dofel works, and what her day-to-day involvement in ntv-telebörse (daily stock market reports) entails, join her by video on a walk through the German Stock Exchange.

The German video

The English video

Interviews with capital market experts

In part 1 of the podcast you’ll learn what happens at ntv’s stock market interviews. Katja Dofel looks back on ~4000 interviews so far. In part 2 she reveals how ntv selects its interview correspondents at the exchange, what speaking skills they need, and how interviewees can avoid common mistakes. These conversations first appear on the largest interview knowledge portal in the German-speaking world, alles-ueber-interviews.de. The portal offers professional tips and background information for journalists, bloggers, and interviewees from businesses and other organizations.

Part 1: About her role as an interviewer

Part 2: About capital market experts as interviewees

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