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Katja Dofel


Event moderation as a key to success

Businesses and other organizations invest a lot of time and money in conferences, awards ceremonies, road shows, panel discussions, and other events. Yours also? Making your events successful onstage depends greatly on the skill and expertise of the moderator you choose. It’s better not to take risks here, since events which hobble along awkwardly leave negative impressions on your guests – which harms your credibility.

Professional and likeable

If you’d like to book Katja Dofel as moderator for an event, you’re getting several qualities in one person: as an event moderator she will follow your set schedule. She acts as a charming mediator between you as the organizer, your speakers, your discussants, and your invited guests in the audience. She is able to moderate in both German and English. Katja Dofel builds bridges and eases tension when it comes to miscommunications and awkward situations, e.g. due to technical difficulties or speakers who arrive late. She’s simply a friendly, likeable asset for your event.

Katja Dofel understands how to shine in critical situations without becoming brash or exaggerated. Her style of event moderation is friendly, objective, and approachable. She always keeps the focus on the speakers and discussants.

20 years of experience

You can be sure that Katja Dofel is an outstanding choice as a moderator for your event. Most guests in your audience who are interested in finance and stocks will know her from TV, and they’ll likely be excited that she’s presenting your live event. She deals with your speakers and discussants on their level – and they respect her.

When the many components of event moderation bring hearty applause and satisfied feedback at the end of your event, this is due in large part to conscientious preparation. Katja Dofel has been moderating both large and small events since 2000. She knows exactly what’s important – success begins with careful preparation.

Effective staging

Katja Dofel’s clients confirm again and again that she effectively brings the participants onstage into perfect focus. If you want to make your conferences, road shows, awards ceremonies, panel discussions, or other events successful with the public, Katja Dofel is a first-class choice as a presenter. Contact her – and get to know her personally.
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